“As an independent retailer, who is not an accountant, SortMyBooks is just super for me. It just really works.”

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Claire O'ConnorManna Organcis

“I recommend the new web-based Sort My Books to all small- and medium-sized enterprises. I believe the bookkeeping system raises the level of business owners’ ability to look into their own future by clearly understanding the performance of their company’s present financial situation. That’s a tall task, one of which Sort My Books is well able to meet.”

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Sandra Hunter-FerrisBalanced Bookkeeping

“Our practice has to support many different accounting softwares. We find SortMyBooks really easy for our clients to use even when they have limited accounting experience. Having the software online is a huge benefit.”

Robert Casey B Comm, FCACasey & Co. Accountants

“I have been using and recommending SortMyBooks desktop software to my clients for some time now, and the feedback from my clients has been really great. However, I am now recommending the online version as this is so much more flexible and easy to use. The main advantage to me and my clients is that I will be able to access their accounting records at any time (with their permission of course) to review matters for them. This saves so much time, and I can assist with my clients’ queries much more quickly by using the sharing facility. Another advantage is the reports that are available on the online version, which cover everything that my clients and I need at any point in time. In addition, the support for the software from the staff at SortMyBooks is exceptional, and any queries I have had on using the software have been resolved very quickly. The staffs, in addition to providing software assistance, have a great depth of knowledge in the area of bookkeeping and accounting, and have also assisted my clients with these issues.”

Mary DomoneyTaxing Times

“When we set up our technology company Relequa Analytical Systems Ltd, we needed a financial software package suitable for a manufacturing business that was easy to learn and was well supported when we hit problems. I was already familiar with the PC-based SortMyBooks package for my business advisory company Applied Business Support Ltd so was happy to try out the new SortMyBooks Online accounting software. It didn’t take long before we were completely sold on it for Relequa. As a cloud computing package, we can work on our accounts at anytime from anywhere. The package has clearly been designed to make it as easy to use as possible with lots of labour saving features such as when inputting and paying purchase invoices, lodging payments from sales invoices, transferring funds between accounts, and a very neat quotations-to-invoice facility. The range of reports we can create is great and the times when we get a problem, support is quickly available from the SortMyBooks team. Also the Sharing Facility saves time and effort for our auditors and us. Whatever the business issues we face to grow Relequa Analytical Systems, our Sort My Books Online financial software isn’t one of them.”

Stuart AllcockRelequa Ltd

“When I started Hartys Foods in 2009 I knew that I needed a simple online accounting software to keep the paperwork to a minimum. I’ve been in business before so I know how quickly the paperwork can get out of control. I chose SortMyBooks because I wanted something that was simple to use and I also liked the friendly and helpful back-up support offered. I’m on the road most of the time meeting with new customers and doing in-store tastings. I needed an online accounting software so that I could log-in from wherever I am. I can produce professional sales invoices in a few minutes with my own logo on them and at a glance see who has gone over their credit terms. I can see the profit margin on each sale. And those fiddly receipts for things like taxis, parking, petrol and meals can be entered in a few minutes at the end of each day. My favourite part though is the product reports. I can see at a glance how much I’ve sold to each customer, who are the best customers and how much of each product I’ve sold. These reports are just what I need when I am producing proposals to get into the larger retailers. I was paying a fortune and spending ages compiling this data before and now I have it at the click of a button. I have an outside bookkeeper that I’ve shared my accounts with. She logs in and makes sure that I’ve done everything correctly and can catch up for me if I fall behind. My accountant can also log-in and have a look so that we can have a proper meeting about my business with all the analysis available at our fingertips.”

Melanie HartyHartys Foods

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