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We thought that might get your attention! For many people in business the ogre like “cloud” can still prove intimidating and as a result some people think it’s better to sit tight and do nothing in the vain hope it will all go away. Health warning here from Sort My Books… not worry!

Cloud software has fundamentally changed how every business can operate and even how we operate in our day to day lives. We can now make decisions on the spot by information we can access immediately as a result everything has now become more timely. You can make a decision, create an action and have an outcome all in a quicker time than it previously took us to write and send a letter.

Here at Sorty My Books we are market leaders in cloud accounting software, so what does that mean for your business? Essentially now by hosting all your information on the cloud you can access real time information such as invoices or cash flow updates immediately. You can run your business wherever you are based by using our software as a key tool in your business.

So what makes us different? Here are some of the unique points about us we always want our clients to know:

  • We are in business 15 years and profitable working with SMEs and accountants, Irish owned, founded & operated.
  • We are accredited by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers.
  • We are all about software with personality!
  • We are the only cloud accounting software company that is approved and designed for the Irish market place.
  • We are the only Irish cloud software company to be first to be fully compliant with the Irish VAT system.
  • Sort My Books is hosted with Amazon in Dublin providing full security and protection within Irish data protection laws.
  • We offer clear and transparent pricing – no funny business!
  • We engage with our clients with a success model – we give you a tool that gives you better information & saves you time to allow you to spend more time with your clients and more time having fun!
  • We take a collaborative approach with all our clients; we listen to your feedback as with our Irish based support team we are always ready to help.
  • We work with a strong software development team engaging in product development on a robust and ongoing basis.
  • We have a training division in our partner business the Professional Bookkeepers Academy.
  • We can offer a network of Irish based book-keepers many of whom have graduated from our training partner the Professional Bookkeepers Academy.
  • We have received the Irish Internet Association Award Winners Best Cloud Service
  • We have been shortlisted for 3 Eircom Spider awards.

Moving your business to Sort My Books is one of the most effective choices you can make positioning you to manage your business in real time with real information. We are here to help plus we are all about software with personality not some nameless, faceless client approach, we are all about real people. We are based in Killarney, Co. Kerry and really enjoy connecting with our clients in a true fashion which means we would be delighted to pick up the phone to you. So while the Kingdom may have been famous for its football and beautiful sights to date we are aiming to add to that list the home of cloud accounting software in Ireland !!


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