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If you are an entrepreneur, business owner, self employed person, however you describe yourself as one of the 15% of the population who has that streak that drives you to ‘go out on your own’ and make your own living, I’m going to ask you to do something completely alien to your nature.

I’m going to ask you to stop.

‘What?! I can’t stop now, I’m busy!’

Relax and Reflect

I’m going to ask you to stop and relect on your past year. Not on what needs fixing, I know you are an expert at casting a critical eye on your performance and spotting the jobs that need doing.

I’m going to ask you at this time to look back and see what you did right. I know this is hard for you, but fix yourself a nice Bailey’s coffee or hot chocolate and sit by the fire and humour me.

As business owners, our nature is to get things done and move on to the next job. We rarely pause to say, ‘Wow didn’t I do that well?’ All the people managment courses will tell you that if you have employees, you had better take the time to stop and look back at jobs done and provide balanced feedback. Have a look back and do the same for yourself. Did you:

  • Manage to hold onto an important customer account desipte competition?
  • Introduce a new product or service or new product or service improvement that will protect you from competitions?
  • Forge a new alliance or partnership that strenghtens your business?
  • Introduce systems that streamline your business and make it more efficient?
  • Take a management or industry related course to sharpen your skills?

Whatever it was, take the time to say, ‘Wow I did good!’ even in a grammatically correct and less American way.  And tell your employees too!

Our clap on the back for 2014

Without doubt our best work this year was our joint initiative with the Professional Bookkeepers Academy. As our customers grow, it is a natural step to delegate or outsource the bookkeeping. Unfortunately that is often accompanied by a breakdown of systems and a loss of quality information. A PBA bookkeeper is trained and supported in the most efficient use of SortMyBooks in particular and cloud technology in general as it relates to business paperwork. They are also trained in dealing with accountant communications at year end or tax time, transforming this normally stressful time of writing cheques and wondering what it all means into an informative business planning and review session.  As it should have always been.

The Dublin, Galway and Kerry courses of 2014 have provided us with extremely qualified bookkeepers, each coming in with their own specialties such as Revenue expertise, Retail chain expertise, bookies, pubs, restaurants, tax planning, the list goes on. Many of these are helping our customers with bookkeeping already.

The first course of 2015 kicks off in Kerry.  I can’t tell you what a relief it is personally to me to have these people on hand when I get that call from a customer saying their business has grown and they need help in this area. Which happily happens a lot! Do not hesitate to call me if this is you, this network of high quality bookkeepers is growing countrywide.

click to play PBA video

click above for the PBA video

Tell us about it!

If you feel like sharing your achievements or advances once you have sat down and thought about them, let me know!  It might just help other businesses and keep our economy growing.

In the meantime have a fabulous Christmas break.

You deserve it!

Merry Christmas from all of us all at SortMyBooks





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