We love to hear from Accountants and Bookkeepers. We’re all in the business of making sure our clients have the information they need to be able to stay compliant and grow their businesses to the next level. If your client has just signed up with SortMyBooks then make sure that you get shared on their file. Email or call us on +44 203 740637 and one of our technical support team will give you a tour to make sure that you can navigate your way around SortMyBooks to quickly get the information you need to do up the accounts.


We’ve designed SortMyBooks so that it has a nice, easy to use, interface for your clients. But SortMyBooks also has a powerful accounting engine to make sure you can do your job quickly and easily.


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Firstly you should ask your client to share their file with you, click here for details on how to do that. Secondly you should schedule time with one of our technical support team so that we can talk you through finding the reports that you need quickly and easily.


Click here for a detailed list of features and please also call us or email us to arrange a call with technical support so we can go through the features with you and answer your specific queries.


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We always recommend that as soon as our customers can afford it they should engage the services of a good bookkeeper. Actually our experience is that good bookkeepers almost always save considerably more than they cost and are an invaluable member of the team. We believe so much in the benefits of a good bookkeeper to a business that we set up our own Professional Bookkeepers Academy to train bookkeepers. You can find out more about that here.


SortMyBooks makes collaborating with your clients easy. One of the biggest headaches is getting the information in a timely fashion. SortMyBooks has tools such as Receipt Bank that allows your client to photograph receipts and email in supplier invoices for you to work on. Our Bank Import Facility means that you or your client can upload the Online Banking transactions straight into SortMyBooks and easily reconcile them. No more waiting for information or sorting through bags of paper. You can get working straight away.


We’ve Got Specific Bookkeeping Practice Packages For You Please Call Us For Details



Many of our accountant FAQs may also be relevant to you but we have added a few more that we feel are specific to bookkeepers.


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